The weird refuge of a crazy castaway, focused on the game and his isolation.

l’atelier is a peculiar carpenter’s workshop where the machines work by themselves. A strange workshop where the game is necessary to be able to use and hammers remotely.

The visit to l’atelier gives the public the opportunity to discover, play and use all the tools as well as being able to look in the drawers and all the nooks and crannies.

Discover the place where ‘Crusoe’s friends’ were created and get into the mind of this solitary castaway who, bored from not being able to share his freetime with anyone, decided to make friends with washed up debris from a sunken ship.

*The interactive area is recommended for children 7 years or older.


Technical Information

A flat area of 7m x 9m with access and parking for a large van. A water outlet or 15 litres in bottles if an outlet is not possible.



Assembly time: 2 h 30'
Duration: de 3 a 6 h, 25 people every 30’
Dismount time: 1 h 30’


Artistic Information

Created and constructed by Alfred Borràs, Albert Utgé and Laura Utgé Produced by Toc de Fusta

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