After the shipwreck, sad and alone on an island, Crusó was bored, but fortunately he had the wreckage with him and all the time in the world…

Els amics d’en Crusó is a wonderful experience for all ages, an open area where you can discover and experiment with automatas and their mechanisms. An interactive instalation in which daring or people of a more laid back nature will be able to find and follow their curiosity without a need of instructions.

Large scale automatas, brain teasers and mechanical games that motivate small automatas and a play area for younger children of 2 years and over.


Technical Information

A flat area of 300m² with access and parking for a large van.



Assembly time: 2 h
Duration: 3 - 6 h
Dismount time: 1 h 30 ‘


Artistic Information

Created and constructed by Alfred Borràs, Albert Utgé and Laura Utgé Produced by Toc de Fusta

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