About us

‘We want to work wood and create, out of it, large format automatons. We want to play and make you play with their mechanical working. Move to squares and streets the little puzzles we try to solve when constructing an automaton. And we do it for the littlest ones, without forgetting that sometimes we all would love to go back in time and become a child again.’

In 2010, a group of friends from Les Avellanes decided to reinvent our lives and organise ourselves to do different things in a different way.

After talking for hours around a table and fill some notebooks full of outlines, we finally got decided to restore Albert’s father old carpenter’s workshop in Les Avellanes and start carving wood to make the prototype of a huge bird that will lead us, on may 2012, to the ‘Festival Internacional de las Artes‘ in Costa Rica, where we showed, for the first time, a collection of 6 large format automatons.

Since then, we keep on filling notebooks and waking up on Mondays to go and carve wood. And so, we will soon be able to show a new collection as we are working in the new installation and continue filling our notebooks with good and not so good ideas, which is what we really love to do.

Albert Utgé
A lifelong carpenter and inventor, mechanic’s apprentice and old stuff repairer. ‘If you throw it out, you don’t have it‘.
Laura Utgé
Artist by choice. Tidy head but not table. She’s the life and the soul of the van. ‘If we could bend wood, it would look better‘.
Alfred Borràs
Mondays knocker-up. Catapults and aerial castles builder. ‘Hey! D’you know who could we tell it to?!‘.

What have we worked on?

Costa Rica Collection 2012

Els amics d’en Crusó 2012

Els amics d’en Crusó 2015

l’atelier 2019

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